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February 12
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Sandager's Wrasse by FicktionPhotography Sandager's Wrasse by FicktionPhotography
Wrasse, like most fish, are pretty neat creatures.  This male was hanging around us while on a dive at about 55 or so feet down in some of the coldest waters I've dived in to date.  New Zealand boasted a water temperature of around 50 degrees.  Doesn't seem that cold, but when it comes to water it certainly is.  Both dives I lasted the longest out of my group.  Was definitely rather proud of myself because of that.  :) Anyways, back to the wrasse.  These guys are attracted to sound and the dive master I remained with kept clicking her wrists together where buckles were.  The wrasse immediately kept swinging around to check out the sound.  :D

What's more interesting about these guys is that in the presence of one male, all the rest of the colony will be female.  If the male, however, dies, the dominant female will undergo a sex change and become a male!  Pretty neat way to survive. © 2012-2014.
PurrfectlyUnique Featured By Owner Feb 12, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Nice picture!
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